Furs by ​Leonidas

Modern, elegant, and ​stunning fur coats at ​affordable prices.

Pop Up Boutique with fur sales ​coming to the Fort Erie and Niagara ​Falls Ontario region (short drive for US ​residents in the Buffalo area)

Get ready for ​our big fur ​sales returning ​in October ​2024...

We're thrilled to announce that we'll be back this ​October with more spectacular events in Fort Erie and ​Niagara Falls, Ontario. Keep an eye on our website, our ​Facebook and make sure to join our mailing list to ​receive the latest updates on fur sale dates, locations ​and more!

Enjoy the beautiful summer weather, and we look ​forward to welcoming you again in the fall. In the ​meantime, if you have any questions or special ​requests, please feel free to reach out to us.

About Us

Dress with style and comfort with our huge selection of ​brand new fur coats, jackets, hats, and accessories ​carefully crafted using only the finest materials. High ​quality garments produced with the most luxurious ​skins including mink, beaver, chinchilla, fox, coyote and ​more. We have a great variety of colors, styles, and sizes ​to meet your specific needs. Treat yourself to a gift that ​will be cherished for a lifetime.

Our business has been running in the family for ​generations. Our ancestors in Northern Greece ​specialized in the fur industry and we have proudly kept ​the tradition going to this day. We have decades of ​experience working as furriers and providing our ​customers with carefully hand crafted coats and ​accessories that bring them great joy and comfort.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are currently ​running as a Pop-Up Boutique with special fur sales in ​Fort Erie & Niagara Falls, Ontario.

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If you have any questions or special requests, ​please feel free to reach out to us:


(4​16) 566-9419